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Who are we?

Lucid Media is a team of highly experienced and driven creatives from Durban led by myself, Yash Bagwandeen. If I’m not handling the main camera or directing, then I’m likely editing your footage and creating some motion graphics.

What do we do?

We are a Digital Media Agency, which specializes in both Film Production and Motion Graphics. We have our own extensive collection of high end video equipment, including lights, stabilizers, sliders etc.

Why do we do it?

Prior to running Lucid Media, I’ve spent countless hours in the field of Graphic Design, Web Design/Coding, Flash Animation/Scripting, 3D Design, but nothing fueled my passion as much as Film and Motion Graphics. I do this because there is nothing else I can imagine spending my time doing that feels so meaningful and gratifying once complete, and I make sure that all team members share the same passion, otherwise we would just be another agency.

Why the name Lucid?

Lucid, according to the Oxford dictionary, means

Expressed clearly; easy to understand.

We believe expressing the message clearly, is the most fundamental aspect of doing great advertising, because it is the message that comes first, and the dressing up of it is secondary.

In my experience in the creative field, I’ve seen too many artists and even agencies do this the other way around, they focus only on making something look great first, instead of more importantly, how it’s going to achieve the brand’s goals.

Design is not just how it looks, design is how it worksSteve Jobs

Lucid, describes how we design the absolute root of a message. That message, whether it’s ‘Our product tastes better than our competitors’ or ‘Our product offers the best value for money,’ should be expressed clearly and easy to understand, and then we can focus on making it look awesome.


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Yash Bagwandeen

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